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Equality & Justice For All People

The Right Choice for Sheriff

My name is Grace Sweeney-Maurer, and I am proud to be your Democratic candidate for El Paso Sheriff. As sheriff, my concern will be on issues that concern the community and affect it most. Making things safer for officers and the community is paramount, and my experience makes me perfectly suited for the job. I have a broad depth of knowledge of the law and respect for our citizens, which will serve me in good stead as Sheriff of El Paso County.


A Voice for All

It is a sad reality that many in our society do not have voices to speak for them. I will be that voice, providing true representation for all the citizens of our beautiful county. Under my watch, we will not round up citizens based on their appearance or suspected nationality, and we will not profile them based on outmoded stereotypes. If we expect our office to be open to all, we must not discourage citizens from contacting us with information about criminal activity — whether such callers are documented or not. To be truly open to all and crack down on the violent individuals who threaten us, trust must be established with all communities.

By having an open-door policy, I welcome my staff and the citizens of the county to speak to me about issues that are on their mind. I understand the complexity of the job, and I am able to communicate well with politicians, deputies, judges, lawyers, and most importantly, the community. I am here for the people of El Paso County and will represent their best interests in all that I do.



With more than 40 years of experience in law enforcement, I am ideally qualified to lead the Sheriff's Office of El Paso County. My qualifications include:

  • A Degree in Criminal Justice
  • Experience Working with the US Department of Justice
  • Experience Working with the Honolulu Police Department Training Division
  • Experience Working with the Allegheny Crime Lab
  • Participation in the Sangamon County Sheriff Office Citizen Police Academy


  • Reducing Overcrowding in the Jail
  • Finding Better Mental Health Solutions
  • Putting Additional Officers on the Street
  • Improve Morale Within the Sheriff's Staff
  • Providing Further Education to the Sheriff's Staff
  • Creating Trust Between the Sheriff, the Staff, the Office, and the People
  • Improving the Relationship Between the Sheriff's Offices and the Community
Friendly Officer